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WHRO Public Media has been selected to participate in the national Public Media initiative:
American Graduate: Getting to Work

The goal of this initiative is to develop partnerships throughout Hampton Roads to help change the paradigm from the expectation of college being the only track after high school and inlcude alternative career pathways that lead to gainful employment in local high demand skilled jobs for students and young adults ages 16-24, returning veterans, and adults in career transition. 
Studies show that many students’ skills and interests are better matched for jobs in what are called “skilled trades.”  These jobs require specialized training and certifications and are often in areas that combine industry specific specialized knowledge and hands on training.  This bodes well for students and young adults for several reasons: Certifications and credentialing can:
• Start in high school
• Take as little as two years
• Result in zero debt or significantly less debt, as compared to a four year degree
• Offer individuals a competitive salary immediately upon entering the workforce
• Be channels to explore career paths while being employed
In American Graduate Phase Three WHRO will produce content that will:
• Highlight local in-demand skilled jobs
• Promote the career pathways for students and workers 
• Identify the existing barriers to employment
• Raise the perception of these jobs and show they are highly-regarded and valued occupations


HearSay with Cathy Lewis
The HearSay series will discuss the state of the local workforce, future job market and career paths with economic leaders, leaders in education, and business Leaders.
March 28, 2018 Denbigh Aviation Academy
June 14, 2018 A Life on the Water
Educationally Speaking
Is a series that explores exploring challenges to entering the workforce facing today’s youth and local soluctions through interviews wtih educators, business leaders, and trade/vocational leaders on future job needs. 
Click here to explore the series.
Career Pathways Interstitials
These digital interstitials will promote high demand local careers and the pathways to these jobs by highlighting local individuals' stories. Viewers will gain insght around the education and/or training available to these rewarding careers as well as glimpse into the person's life.  These will be shared via broadcast, digital, and social platforms and shared with stations via NETA. 
Annual Workforce Forum
WHRO will convene with partners from Hampton Roads’ key industry sectors to convene an annual workforce forum addressing the state of the workforce, highlight career pathways, and the skills gaps in the region. 
For more information, or to be a part of the initiative, contact: 
Kathy Martin I AG3 Project Manager I kathy.martin@whro.org I 757-889-9443
Nancy Rogan I Director of Community Engagement I nancy.rogan@whro.org I 757-889-9415



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