A champion for the youth of tomorrow

Posted by Nelson Weston on

Inspirations can be quite unpredictable and often times are highly unforeseen. The greatest thing about this is that when they do emerge they bring out the best in all of us. Inspirations motivate us to maximize our potential. In some cases, experiencing an inspiration can lead us to become inspirations ourselves and thus become champions to others.

I am a graduate student at Norfolk State University and I am also a member of an academic honor society called Golden Key International Honor Society. To briefly summarize it, the honor society is for students who rank academically in the top 15% of their class. The organization’s three pillars are academics, leadership and service.

Today, at our monthly meeting, we had several guests from the community come in and speak. The first person who spoke was one of the directors at a community center located not far from our school. In her brief remarks, she spoke on how the community center was in dire need of volunteers to come assist with tutoring and homework for the children who attended the center for the after-school program. She emphasized the importance of giving back to the community by investing in today’s youth. A particular portion of her remarks that resonated with me was when she asked us to recall our own youth, how someone assisted us on our academic journeys and thus brought us to where we are in contemporary time. Essentially, she was asking us to lower the academic ladder down to allow the next generation to climb to the top as we did. Those words were a deep inspiration for my conscience and they made me realize that she was absolutely right. At some point during our youth, we all had a champion.  However, the time had now come for each of us to step up and become a champion for someone else.

As a result of this newfound inspiration, once the meeting had concluded, I immediately signed up to volunteer a couple of afternoons out of the week to tutor and assist the children. Although I won’t be able to start until next week, I’m already excited and inspired at the thought of helping these young adults become scholars and assisting them with building their own personal bridges towards a brighter tomorrow. Everyone needs a source of inspiration. They need a symbol, someone whom they can view as a beacon of light. They need a champion and starting next Tuesday, I look forward to undertaking that role. 

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