America's Promise Alliance celebrates 100th GradNation Summit in Massachusetts

Posted by Nancy Rogan on

America’s Promise Alliance, a national partner of American Graduate, will mark its 100th – and final – GradNation Summit on March 17 in Worcester, Mass.

In the final summit, The Latino Education Institute will lead conversations around the importance of bilingual schools.

The purpose of the summits has been to bring together community-based efforts and organizations that are focused on increasing high school graduation rates and providing needed support for youth to stay on the path to succeed.  

Several in the fields of education, nonprofit work, media and faith-based organizations have attended the summits, while organizations focused on discipline, mentoring, workforce development and parent and family engagement among others have been involved in coordinating the summits.

Since the beginning in 2013, the summits have been held across more than 35 states with more than 24,000 attendees.

As a national partner, public media stations involved in American Graduate have taken part in several of the summits across the country, including its first-ever summit in St. Louis, MO in partnership with the Nine Network of Public Media.

As a result of several of the summits, more than 100 new partnerships have formed as well as a number of partnerships have been strengthened, according to research compiled by Duke University.

To get more information about GradNation Summits, visit the America’s Promise Alliance website

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