Be Your Own Champ

Posted by Nelson Weston on

As I’ve written in this blog over the past two months, champions have become a recurring theme. One thing I’ve realized over the past several days is that, in addition to parents, mentors, friends etc. serving as champions for us, WE are champions for ourselves too. As I sit in my class every week, I stop and listen to my peers when they speak. Many of them possess high levels of intelligence, sophistication, ambition and they all have a vision for their future. But these traits didn’t just appear overnight. I know this because I, myself, did not possess the skills, goals and vision years back that I have in contemporary time. However, I do know when and where the first seeds of these aforementioned champion traits were first planted. 

High school was where it all started for many people, myself included. Essentially, those four years are the pathway towards tomorrow. That is the timeframe in everyone’s life when they make critical decisions, they start envisioning life outside of high school and they start setting long-term goals.

I said all that to say this: one must not underestimate the monumental power of high school.

Current high school students need to understand that this is their time to be their own champ. This is their time to plant their own seeds that will blossom into a productive and formidable life. This is their time to fight to make their future a reality. Because if they don’t, who will?

The overall goal of American Graduate is to increase the national graduation rate to 90% by the year 2020. Although that goal is profound, optimistic and nearing a reality (with it now currently standing at a strong 81%) another goal, in my opinion, should be that all students learn to become champions of their own future by laying the seeds for tomorrow.  

I did it my classmates did it so that means that you can do it too. 

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