Congratulations Students! U.S. Graduation Rate Hits New High of 83.2%

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Monday morning, President Barack Obama announced a new graduation rate high of 83.2 percent for our country, an increase of almost 1 percent.

In fact, this past year showed tremendous progress among subgroup student populations.

For example, black students graduation rates grew to 74.6 percent, compared to 72.5 percent the previous year, and low-income students grew from 74.6 percent to 76.1 percent. However, as the Washington Post pointed out, gaps between minority and white students persist with Hispanic, black, Native American and Native Alaskan students trailing 10 to 16 percentage points behind.

“Each incremental increase means that more young people – who in the past might have been written off – are now on a path to adult success,” said Alma Powell, chair ofAmerica’s Promise Alliance, an American Graduate partner. “So many people have been part of this success,” Powell continued, “but it will take all of us to go further. There is no limit to what organizations and individuals can do to help young people succeed.”

The data release also showed several states or areas have made improvements in their respective graduation rates, including Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, and the District of Columbia, which all have American Graduate stations. Along the same lines, several states saw little to no change or a small decrease in numbers.

To learn more about the national graduation rate or where your state stands, visit the White House website

by Aja Williams on Oct 17, 2016 at 3:20 pm

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