Finished High School…Now What?

Posted by Nelson Weston on

Over the last two weeks, hundreds of thousands of young adults crossed the stage and received their high school diplomas. To make matters even greater, more young adults will be graduating within the next week or two, depending on exactly when their graduation dates come about. Undoubtedly, these young adults are extremely pleased to be finished with this portion of their educational careers and their parents and loved ones must find it quite fulfilling to see and hear about their triumphs. They should be proud of themselves. Like myself, I’m confident that the values these young adults obtained throughout their educational careers will remain with them where ever they go in life. 

With the end of one era begins the start to a new one. Some of these graduates may undergo a sense of stagnation, uncertainty or apprehension about their futures. That’s o.k. because, as I’ve learned over the last several weeks, that’s life. Since my own graduation, a little over a month ago, I have learned that one must remain optimistic about the future and both understand and accept the concept that patience is a virtue. It’s not an easy task. I myself, fueled by my ambition for success and a career, have found it difficult to adjust to this, hopefully, temporary phase of life. But, as many mentors, colleagues and even my parents have told me over the past several weeks, this is something that most people go through at some point in their lives. All of them are correct.  

Many young adults need to acknowledge that, throughout their lives, there will be dark phases, times of fear and even failures. However, they should acknowledge the fact that there are those around them who will always be their champions. These champions are there to instill a sense of hope and confidence within them and remind them to persevere through the difficult days. Through the countless conversations I’ve had with all of my champions over the past several weeks, I can attest to this wholeheartedly.   

Our futures may not be set, but if we lay the foundation for it now and patiently wait for it to blossom, when it comes to fruition, it will be both positive and phenomenal.

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