Friends, champions or both?

Posted by Nelson Weston on

Over the past two months, I’ve written about numerous elements that revolve around the topic of education, including pre-k, middle & high school, extracurricular activities, tutoring, teachers, coaches and most importantly the theme of being a champion. Today, as I sat down and pondered as to what this week’s blog entry would be, it finally dawned on me that there is one critical element that falls under the umbrella of education that I have yet to write about. One thing in particular that, in many ways, is the very fabric of students’ educational life. Friendship.

They say that if a friendship lasts longer than seven years, then that person is meant to be your friend for life. On the verge of becoming twenty-five years old and having retained countless friends for many years myself, I can honestly say that truer words have never been spoken. At this stage of my life, I have many friends who have not only reached this level, but in some cases surpassed this mark and have maintained a deep, strong allegiance with me for over a decade. In contemporary time, this is extremely rare.

As school begins to wind down for me in a few weeks and I conclude my education, I realized that, as I wrote this post, in the end you really do start thinking about the beginning. In retrospect, dating back to the early days of childhood, my friends have been my champions. Many of them have stuck by me during both the positive and successful moments of my life as well as the darkest and most uncertain moments. My friends are monumental pillars for me and have acted as such by serving as sources of comfort, guidance and reassurance when I most needed it. They are the ones who never give up on you and will be there for you in a moments notice, whether it be3:00in the afternoon or even 3:00in the morning.

Many of my friends have brought out the best in me over the years. Through various experiences, wise counsel and fond memories, they have all shaped me into becoming both the man and the champion that I have become for others today. For that, I am forever in their debt.   

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