Inspiration to stay in school can come from extracurricular activities

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Young adults need a source of inspiration to motivate them, find relevancy in school, and work towards graduation. Inspirations can come in many forms, in some cases, finding an extracurricular activity that ignites a sense of purpose and passion. Participating in extracurricular activities during high school was a profound source of inspiration for me. There are countless positive factors which stem from participating in extracurricular activities, but one of the main ones is that it provides young adults with a sense of motivation. For some students, it gives them a reason to attend school as well granting them the opportunity to bond with their peers and create lifelong friendships.


Often times, when we think about extra curricular activities, we immediately think about sports. However, there were numerous other programs that offered a track to success, unfortunately many students never took advantage of them or were made aware of their benefits. One of these programs, which I was in, was Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, AKA: R.O.T.C.


R.O.T.C. was a powerful incentive for me and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the activities.  To this day I believe that I maintain the valuable characteristics that were instilled in us. The program taught my classmates and I teamwork, honor, trust, sacrifice, dedication and communication. The motto of the organization was that, “We build better and more productive citizens for America”.  The program brought me and my friends an array of valuable experience that instilled memories that we shall never forget. Several of my friends went off to college on R.O.T.C. scholarships and it has paved the way towards a bright future for them.


All high school students need a source of inspiration to motivate them to strive for greatness. Based on my experiences and the memories that I made during that time, I firmly believe that extracurricular activities serve as that source of inspiration on the path to stay in school and graduate.  90% by 2020! Let’s Make it Happen! 

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