Life's Next Inning

Posted by Nelson Weston on

In baseball, when a batter stands at the plate ready for the pitcher to release the ball, he has no idea what to expect. Like pitchers, life as a whole follows a similar practice. When you are a student in school who is in a transition phase, you never know what type of ball life is going to throw at you. As school is winding down for me, I have both a sense of excitement at the notion of finally having my education completed, but also a sense of apprehension regarding what comes next. I'm not alone on this path. Many of my classmates, despite their high levels of diligence, intelligence and qualifications are also suffering from a strong sense of uncertainty as they attempt to establish a bridge to the next phase of their lives. 

In spite of the effort that I have put into writing the next chapter of my life, sometimes I feel overwhelmed, discouraged and even frightened by it all. However, the one thing I keep reminding myself of is that there are those who want the best for me. The same concept goes for my classmates and all other soon-to-be-graduates around the world. Sometimes, we need to just stop and remember that we all have champions in our corner who want us to succeed. Champions range from our parents/legal guardians, cousins and extended family to our teachers, peers, and even colleagues. 

Recently, I attended a job fair that didn't quite produce the positive outcome that I was expecting. I was very disappointed that there was scant representation in my fields at the fair. However, later that afternoon, I stopped and thought about what a supervisor at my radio station had told me a few days prior. She mentioned that she kept me in her prayers and that she believed that I would be fine in my post-graduate life. Although those words may not seem all that impactful or heartfelt to many individuals because they are frequently utilized in many scenarios, for me personally, I took great solace in them. In hindsight, I realized that my supervisor is one of my champions. She trusts me with various tasks to complete, she speaks highly of me to her colleagues and she has opened countless doors for me that would have remained shut had it not been for her. 

As the old saying goes, "patience is a virtue". I believe those words to be true, however, I believe that in this scenario, champions are a virtue.  


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