New Opportunity for CTE Students

Posted by Nancy Rogan on

Great news, President Obama has signed an Executive Order opening up the United States Presidential Scholars program to include outstanding Career and Technical Education students in this prestigious recognition.  The United States Presidential Scholars program honors America’s top-performing students in high school programs and chooses recipient each year based on academics, artistic accomplishment, essays, school evaluations and transcripts, as well as for community service, and leadership.

As a four year college degree is not always the chosen path for high school graduates, those that want to explore rewarding, well-paying careers can start in high school in Career and Technical Education, CTE for short.  CTE covers a category called “skilled trades” that requires specialized training and certifications.  These fields cover occupations such as electricians, medical assistants, and telecommunication technicians. An added bonus: these courses can take as little as two years and result in significantly less debt as compared to a four-year degree.  And, with the aging workforce, there is an increasing demand for skilled workers, which can be difficult for employers to fill, but is good news for youth looking for in-demand careers. 

Next year we will applaud all recipients, and be especially excited for the first CTE Presidential Scholars Program honorees.

Click here for link to USDOE site.

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