Pre-K, the Foundation for the Future

Posted by Nelson Weston on

In 2015, with the ever expanding global economy along with significant advances in technology, Pre-K is now more critical than ever. It is imperative that our youngest be granted access to early education in order to be competitive amongst their peers both here in America and around the globe. Speaking from experience, I can understand and appreciate the value of Pre-K. Although I am a millennial baby (being born in 1990) and digital technology was nowhere near as advanced or available then as it has become in contemporary time, there are still certain fundamentals that have remained the same.

Aside from the fun and engaging moments of Pre-K such as coloring/drawing, movie time and snack time, educational instruction was instilled in me and my classmates on a daily basis. When I was a minor, some of these key fundamentals included memorizing the ABC's, establishing penmanship, learning basic numbers as well as the concepts of addition and subtraction.  Furthermore, Pre-K included getting exercise on a frequent basis. I recall how everyday we had recess for roughly an hour and we spent that time engaged in activities that included hide-and-go-seek, freeze tag and red rover, red rover.  In addition to the aforementioned fundamentals, Pre-K was an opportunity for me to establish friendships. Two of my most important childhood friendships were established in Pre-K and they both remained strong for many years. 

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