Reflectons on My Champions

Posted by Nelson Weston on

I had the final class of my academic career on Wednesday night. With graduation coming up next Saturday, it really has made me stop and realize that this is literally it. Time really is the fire in which we burn. In the end, you really do start thinking about the beginning. Dating back to K-5 where it all started and up to now when it’s all ending, I want to say, "thank you". I want to thank everyone who has been a champion in my life over the past 20 years. I thank my family members, teachers, professors, bosses, coaches, experiences (both positive and negative) and most importantly, every friend who crossed my path and still maintains a solid friendship with me today. Everything, along with everyone, assisted in shaping me into the man I have become. 

Over the past several days, I’ve spent a significant amount of time reflecting on all of the aspects of my life, particularly my academic career. In hindsight, I believe that middle and high school were my formative years. Those were the years in which I found myself. I laid the foundation for my future by making critical decisions that have been beneficial to my present state. I established a concrete understanding of my likes and dislikes, what type of individual I sought to be in society as well as what type of career objectives I envisioned for myself. Much of my establishment was due in great part to the aforementioned champions that played instrumental roles in my adolescent life. All students currently in middle and high school should appreciate their ongoing experiences. These will be the years that they will look back on with fond memories and a smile. 

Fast forwarding to the present, all that being said, I’m looking forward to next Saturday’s commencement ceremonies with great anticipation. I’m confident that the next twenty years will be just as productive as these past twenty have been. 

Commencement: the end of one thing and the start of something new.   

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