90% by 2020

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Welcome to the American Graduate Blog!

One of the critical prerequisites to having a good job or a steady career in America is an education. An education can open thousands of doors for youth as well as grant them unlimited access to opportunities that many never dream as being remotely possible. However, too often in society, many young students do not make it to the finish line known as Graduation Day. 

American Graduate seeks to be at the forefront in the fight to reduce the number of students who may end their education too early for numerous reasons and challenges. As it currently stands, the national graduation rate is 80%. However, American Graduate’s goal is to have that increased to 90% by the year 2020. With this blog, American Graduate seeks to raise awareness of the ongoing high school dropout crisis and offer insight and information about solutions that can assist in combating this national issue.  

Launching this blog is the first step of many. The next is to recruit followers! Please, spread the word and encourage others to follow our blog to stay informed about American Graduate and learn about issues which directly affect the youth of our nation. We love to hear from you! ‘Like’ WHRO Education on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay informed. 

90% by 2020!!!  Let’s make it happen!


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