Usher, LeBron James make moves to help youth

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Although celebrities have often put their stature and acclaim to work in supporting worthy organizations, two famous men have now put their funding to work as well.

Within the past week, singer Usher and Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James have committed efforts to keep kids on the right path to success and graduating.

Recently, Usher under his nonprofit organization “Usher’s New Look” has committed to fighting the dropout crisis, not just in the United States but internationally.

“Teens drop out of high school for many reasons, but I think it boils down to having a support system that helps you see past your current circumstances,” Usher said in an interview with the Huffington Post. “Whether it’s engaged parents, a professional mentor or a network of peers, your chances of graduating high school increase the more support you have.”

Usher’s organization focuses mainly on re-engaging youth and using champions across the country to empower and strengthen them with teachings in entrepreneurship and leadership.

Friday, LeBron James announced he would provide tuition for 1,100 students to college under his “I Promise” Program. In order to qualify, students must complete his program and meet grade and attendance requirements.

The total cost of tuition is expected to be more than $42 million for all of the students, who are currently in middle school and will enter college in 2021.

These are two true American Graduate champions.

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