Why Youth Don’t Graduate: It May Not Be What You Think

Posted by Nancy Rogan on

Being a high school student has always been riddled with common teenage trials and tribulations.  Today, a barrage of new influences that inundate students’ lives can be overwhelming: cell phones, selfies, “Likes”, cyber bullying, unlimited entertainment choices.  Now consider all distractions combined with the struggle of navigating school with more serious life’s stressors such as no parental guidance, homelessness, or having to work after school to support your family.  For many youth in situations such as these, their path to graduation is sidetracked by personal events, not necessarily academic rigors.  As a community, our challenge is to not just keep these youth in school, but provide avenues for students who leave to get back on a track to a rewarding future.

“Don’t Call Them Dropouts, A Report from America’s Promise Alliance and its Center for Promise at Tufts University” examines this topic.  Through national research, this report provides information to better understand what can influence youths’ choice to stay in or leave school.  It is not surprising that for many it is a combination of several extenuating personal experiences that make school a fading priority. One factor that can have tremendous positive impact in these students’ lives is the support of a peer and/or caring adult to help them through challenges and provide connections to resources that can offer the guidance they need to not only survive, but thrive.  Together we can make a difference to a youth in need. For the report and more information on this topic go to  Don't Call Them Dropouts.

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