Antoinae Staton

Antoinae Staton is the Unit Director for the Tidewater Park chapter of the Boys and Girls Club. She has been involved with the Boys and Girls Club for sixteen years, starting as a member and becoming a full-time Unit Director in October of 2014.

Antoinae spends her afternoons helping over 80 elementary-age children complete and check their homework, develop and explore their passions, and learn to treat each other with respect. She not only emphasizes the importance of education--she works with children every day to make sure they understand how important their hard work is to their future success. I think it's this daily commitment to these children that makes Antoinae an American Graduate Champion.

Beyond her daily tutoring at Boys and Girls Club, Antoinae makes sure every child has an activity to look forward to (even starting and coaching a basketball team through the club so students can play). She brings in members from the community every year for a huge "Career Day" for this group of kids--constantly emphasizing the importance of education on their futures.

She's currently planning a Black History Month performance for the students--complete with a step team and a professional ballet performance. She works tirelessly for these kids, because she believes in their potential and in her role in their success.

Her impact is seen in her relationships with all these children. They respect her and feel safe around her. Each night, Antoinae walks many of the students home when Boys and Girls Club ends so that they won't have to walk alone. Her dedication is inspiring and she makes all the children in her program feel like they are loved and have the potential to do great things.