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Together with 21 Virginia school divisions, WHRO is part of a partnership known as the Hampton Roads Educational Telecommunications Association (HRETA). HRETA has provided educational services for more than 50 years.

Are You Workplace Ready?

In addition to certifications, successful employees all must possess basic skills such as literacy, numeracy and problem-solving. Several of the area’s leading educational institutions and experts on workforce readiness have identified 24 core skill sets needed to be successful in the workplace.

WHRO has launched a series of online modules agencies, employers and schools can use to prepare those entering the workforce. Modules are free, self-paced and include Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information, Locating Information, Internet Use and Safety/Digital Citizenship.

To access and download the modules visit the Workplace Ready website.

WHRO is grateful to Newman’s Own Foundation for their support of the American Graduate initiative to raise awareness and provide Workplace Readiness resources through SkillsOnline.