Workplace Readiness

WHRO is a consortium of 19 Virginia school divisions known as Hampton Roads Educational Television Association (HRETA) and our primary focus is on educational services, which we have been providing to our owners for more than 50 years.  More recently, the station launched a new service, SkillsOnline, which offers affordable access to a catalog of over 3,500 online self-paced and instructor-led courses across 19 industry sectors – many of which offer industry provided certification. 

In the course of planning SkillsOnline, we identified that attention to workplace readiness has been neglected in Virginia’s K-12 schools and many youth are not prepared to enter the workforce. These are called soft skills that UVA’s Weldon Cooper Center and others have identified as crucial competencies for all personnel. 

To address this need, WHRO is developing blended learning modules that every agency, WIB, employer, and school can use to prepare those seeking to enter the workforce.  

WHRO will:

  • Provide these modules along with instructional guides, materials, and lesson plans to integrate them into existing programs.
  • Align the modules with the certification requirements employed across the Commonwealth.
  • Integrate them with eMediaVA, our online learning resource that reaches 147,000 Virginia Teachers, in every K-12 school in Virginia.
  • Make them available for free through and every library, career & community center  and WIB in the Commonwealth at no cost.
  • Give them to every community college and post-secondary institution in the Commonwealth at no cost.


Click here to read the report Making Skills Everyone's Business by the US Department of Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education

Learn more about Workforce Readiness Modules and their development.


WHRO is grateful to Newman’s Own Foundation  for their support of
the American Graduate 
initiative to raise awareness
and provide Workplace Readiness resources through SkillsOnline.





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