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Where's Your Office?

Not everyone wants to sit at a desk all day. Many skilled careers allow workers to have unique offices where they work and/or what they do can change from day to day. The videos below show how people found great careers in local jobs though various career pathways that didn't require four years of college: Apprenticeships, VoTech School, and Learning on the Job. Plus, their careers allow them to pursue their personal passions ranging from beauty pageants to being a professional boxer. Check them out!

The American Graduate: Getting to Work initiative works to bring awareness to opportunities that will lead to gainful employment in local high demand skilled career jobs for students and young adults ages 16-24, returning veterans, and adults in career transition.

Skilled career jobs are where it's at. You just need a high school diploma, not a 4 year degree, and some training that can take a few month or a few years. And you can even use these great jobs to explore careers in industries that interest you and continue your education when you are ready.

WHRO Public MediaAmerican Graduate III: Leena Yi

Meet Leena Yi, one of the rising number of women in the maritime industry. She helps make sure the Port of Virginia operates smoothly.

WHRO Public MediaAmerican Graduate III: Jennifer Gilbert

Writing instructions for mechanics is no easy task. But Jennifer's background gives her an edge! 

WHRO Public MediaAmerican Graduate III - Demarcus Woods

Demarcus has his ducks in a row. He is getting paid to learn a life long career and saving money to go to college at the same time. UNO!

WHRO Public MediaYou can make a career out of your passion.

Hannah has taken her love for animals to work, and now works with animals everyday as a Vet Tech. Great Job, Great Life!

WHRO Public MediaAmerican Graduate III: Bradley Holmes

Brad bypassed college and went straight into an apprenticeship program, where he was paid to get an Associate's Degree. From here he can go anywhere!

WHRO Public MediaAmerican Graduate III: Amanda

Amanda has her trucks in a row. Trucking is opening cab doors for women, and Amanda is on the road making a great living for herself and her kids.

WHRO Public MediaHow's that for a costume change?

Kelli's job is in one of the fast moving skilled careers. As a welder she makes a great salary, which helps her balance her work, family, and a very cool interest.

WHRO Public MediaAll you need is a backpack, a bottle of water, and a hammer.

Grace has found a challenging and rewarding career as an HVAC technician by learning on the job. Great Job, Great Life.

WHRO Public MediaWorks with his hands, plays with his feet.

A VoTech program led Jesse to discover a great career in auto body work!

WHRO Public MediaYou can make it happen!

In his job as a Patrol Service Officer, CJ serves his community. Off the job, CJ can devote to his free time to turning pro.